Ilmihal (İngilizce) For Basic Islamic Teachings

Ilmihal (İngilizce) For Basic Islamic Teachings (003360)

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Ilmihal (İngilizce)



  • Yayın Tarihi: 2017-05-02
  • ISBN: 6059953177
  • Baskı Sayısı: 1. Baskı
  • Sayfa Sayısı: 272
  • Cilt Tipi: Karton Kapak
  • Kağıt Cinsi: Kitap Kağıdı
  • Boyut: 14 x 20 cm

A Concise Manual For Basic Islamic Teachings

In this age of materialism, it is a reality that our children are growing up in a spiritually deficient environment.

As a consenquence of our awareness of the importance of this issue, we have published this Concise Manual.

In this book, all Muslims may find that basic religious information which is essential in their daily lives.


Endless thanks and praise to Allah the Most High, Who has created mankind and the entire universe with divine wisdom and for a great purpose.

May blessings and peace be upon Muhammad, the means of compassion to the universe, the most distin-guished intercessor, and the most beloved Prophet of Al-lah our Lord, and be upon his family, upon his compan-ions, and upon all those who have followed and continue to follow his holy path.

The content of this work (A Concise Manual) pertains to a branch of islamic knowledge that provides information about faith (iman) and worship (ibadah).

Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him (Sal- lAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)*, said that it is compulsory for every Muslim man and woman to acquire the knowledge. The knowledge (A Concise Fiqh) in this manual gives es-sential information about faith (iman) and worship (ibadah) which will guide its adherents to happiness both in this world and in the Hereafter. One cannot become a com-plete and perfect Muslim without learning and believing these essentials, known in Arabic as "Dharurah al-DTni- yyah" (Necessary Rules of the Religion).

Although a great many llmihal books have already been published we found it useful to compile yet another book with the aim of helping every Muslim, adults and children, learn and memorize the basics of Islam.

May Allah, the Most Supreme, be pleased with us for our endeavour.

A Few Words for the Second Edition

Thanks be to Allah (azza wa jalla) who has made us (frivilious) part of this important publication. In this second edition we have made some revisions in the text and add-ed a few footnotes have been added where need were.

Despite of all the effort and labour offered if there should crop up any further mistakes we plead the readers’ indul-gence.


Preface 13

A Few Words For The Second Edition 14

Important Note 15

Caution 15

Islam 16

Our Religion 17

Religion (Ad-Din) 17

Islamic Canonical Laws (Ash-Shari‘ah) 18

Faith 19

The Faith (Al-lman) 20

Al-Sifat Ad-Dhatiyyah 23

Al-Sifat Ath-Thubutiyyah 24

The Four Archangels 26

The Pages (As-Suhuf) 28

The Books (Al-Kutub) 29

The Qualities of The Prophets 31

The Names of The Prophets Mentioned in The Noble Qur’an 32

Muhammad (s.a.s.) 33

We Must Know Our Prophet (S.a.s.) Well 37

Esteemed Companions of Muhammad (s.a.s.)

(Ashab Al Kiram) 40

The Companions of The Prophet Are Divided Into Two Groups 41

Al-Ajal (The Appointed Hour of Death) 43

Al-lradah Al-Juz’iyyah 44

Divine Providence (Al-Oadar) 47

Divine Enactment (Al-Gadhah) 48

Divine Sustenance (Al-Rizq) 48

Trust (Al-Tawakkul) 49

Requirements For The Maintenance of Faith (Al-lman) 50

The Protective Fortresses of Faith (Al-lman) 51

Those Matters Muslims Should Carefully Avoid 52

Al-Fardhs 52

Al-Wajibs 52

Al-Sunnahs 52

Al-Mustahas 52

Al-Mandubs 52

Al-Nafilahs 52

Sources of The SharTah (AdiHat Al Shar'iyyah) 54

Schools of Islam (Al-Madhhab) 56

The Righteous Madhhabs In Action 57

Islam 59

Al-Kalimah Ash-Shahadah 61

Al-Af'al Al-Mukallafin 62

Prayer (As-Salah) 65

Conditions of Salah 65

Pillars of Salah 66

Getting Cleansed of Impurity (Al-Hadath) 66

Ablution (Al-Wudhu) 67

The Obligatory Acts of Ablution (Al-Wudhu) 67

The Sunnah Acts of Ablution (Al-Wudhu) 67

The Makruhs of Al-Wudhu 68

Things That Annul Al-Wudhu 69

How To Take Wudhu 70

Ritual Bath (Ghusl) 86

The Obligatory Acts (Fardhs) of Ghusl 86

The Sunnah Acts of Ghusl 86

How To Take Ghusl 86

Ghusl And Crowned Teeth 87

The Matter of Tooth-Filling 88

Ritual Ablution With Clean Soil (Tayammum) 89

Obligatory Acts of Tayammum 89

How To Perform Tayammum 89

Wiping Over Leather Socks (Masah Over ‘Mast’s) 98

The Amount of Wiping (Masah) 98

Things That Void Masah 99

Masah Over A Bandage Or Wound 99

Situations Peculiar To Women 100

Acts Forbidden During Menstruation And

Childbirth Bleeding 102

Cleansing From Impurity (At-Taharah From An-Najasah). 104

Istinja, Istinqa, Istibra 105

Covering of The Private Area (Satr Ai-'Awrah) 105

Facing The Direction of The Holy Kaaba

(Istiqbal Al-Qiblah) 106

The Time (Al-Waqt) 106

Disliked Times of Prayer 106

The Call For Prayers (Al-Adhan And Al-lqamah) 108

The Intention (Al-Niyyah) 111

The Pillars of Prayer (Arkan As-Salat) 111

Takblr Al-lftitah (The Opening TakbTr) 112

Al-Qiyam (The Standing) 112

Al-Qira’ah (The Recitation) 113

Some Supplications (Du‘a) Recited In

Ritual Prayers (Salat) 127

Al-Takbir And Subhanakah 127

The Suplications (Du'as) To Be Recited

After The Salawat 130

The Supplications of Qunut 132

Bowing (Al-Ruku‘) 133

Prostration (As-Sajdah) 134

Final Sitting (Qa'da AI-AkhTrah) 134

The Required Acts (Wajib) of The Ritual Prayer 135

The Sunnah Acts of The Ritual Prayer (Salat) 136

Customary Conduct In

A Ritual Prayer (Adab As-Salat) 138

The Undesirable Acts In The Performance of

Ritual Prayer (Makruhat As-Salat) 140

Acts That Nullify A Ritual Prayer 144

Flow To Perform A Ritual Prayer? 145

Table of Intentions For Ritual Prayers 152

Salat In Figures 155

Five Daily Ritual Prayers 172

  1. Dawn Prayer (Salat Al-Fajr): 172
  2. Noon Prayer (Salat As-Zuhr) 172
  3. Late Afternoon Prayer (Salat AI-‘Asr) 174
  4. Sunset Prayer (Salat Al-Maghrib) 174
  5. A) Late Evening Prayer (Salat Al-'lsha): 175

B) Salat Al-Witr 176

The Number of Rakahs In Five Daily

Ritual Prayers 177

Prostration of Forgetfulness (Sajdah As-Sahw) 178

Cases That Necessitate The Prostration of Forgetfulness (Sajdah As-Sahw) 178

Performance of A Prostration of Forgetfulness (Sajdah As-Sahw) 179

The Friday Prayer (Salat Al-Jum‘ah) 179

The Seven Conditions For The Necessity of

The Friday Prayer (Al-Wujub) 180

The Six Stipulations For The Correctness of

Friday Prayer (As-Sihha) 180

The Intention (An-Niyyah) For The Friday Prayer 181

Festival Prayers (Salat Al-Eidain) 182

Performance of Missed Ritual Prayers (Salat Al-Gada) 184

Some Superoragatory Prayers (An-Nafilah) 186

Salat Al-Awwabln 186

Salat Al-Dhuha 187

Salat Al Tahajjud 187

Salat Al-Tasbih 187

How To Perform Salat Al-Tasbih 188

The Funeral Proceedings 190

The Shroud Wrapping 191

How To Enshroud A Corpse 192

Funeral Prayer (Salat Al-Janazah) 192

Performance of The Funeral Prayer (Salat Al-Janazah) 193

The Grave And Burial 197

Questioning In The Grave 199

Questions In The Grave And The Answers 199

Visiting The Graves 200

Journey (As-Safar) 201

"Homeland" (Al-Watan) Is Divided

Into Three Categories 203

The Verses of Prostration (As-Ayahs As-Sajdah) 204

The Verses of Prostration In The Glorious Qur’an 205

The Worship To Be Performed On The Holy Nights 206

Al-Laylah Al-Mawlid

(Night of The Birth of Muhammad (S.a.w.)) 206

The Night of Raga’ib (Al-Laylah Ar-Raga’ib) 206

The Night of Ascension (Al-Laylah Al-Mi‘raj) 208

Al-Laylah Al-Bara’ah (The Night of Acquittal) 210

Al-Laylah Al-Qadr (The Night of Power) 211

Fasting (As-Sawm) 214

Obligatory Acts of Fasting 214

Types of Fasting 215

Two Additional Divisions of Fasting According To Intention 216

  1. Fasts That Need To Be Intended At Night: 216
  2. Fasts Not Needing To Be Intended At Night: 216

Fast Breaking Actions Which

Require Fasting Again As Qada 216

Fast Breaking Actions That Require

Expiation (Kaffarah) • 218

Objectionable (Makruh)

Actions For The One Fasting 218

Actions Not Breaking The Fast 218

Tarawih Prayer (Salat At-Tarawih) 219

I'tiqaf (Seclusion) 220

Sadaqa Al-Fitr 221

Zakat (Poor-Due) 222

Tithe (‘Ushr) 223

Delivery of The Poor-Due (Zakat) 223

(Masarif al-Zakat) 223

Hajj 225

(Pilgrimage To Mecca) 225

Obligatory Conditions For Performing Hajj 225

Essential Conditions For Performing Hajj 226

Essential Conditions For The Acceptability of Hajj 226

Sacrifice (Qurbani) 227

The Animal Sacrificing Days, Procedure And Intention 227

The Procedure of Sacrificing 227

Aqiqah Qurbani 228

What Is Sin And What Are The Major Sins 229

Sins Are Divided In Two Types: 229

Mortal Sins 229

Remedy For Saving Oneself From The Sickness of Sin: Repenting And Asking For Allah’s Forgiveness 230

Flopelessness Is Incorrect 231

Conditions That Render Repentance Acceptable 232

The Great Request For Forgiveness 232

The Commanding Self (Nafs Al-Ammarah) 233

Miscellaneous Supplications (Duas) 237

To Be Recited In The Morning When Leaving Flome 237

To Be Recited When Getting On Vehicles 239

To Be Recited Day And Night 239

To Be Recited When Entering The Toilet 239

To Be Recited When Leaving The Toilet 240

To Be Recited When One Has A Nightmare 240

Thirty-Two Obligatory Actions (Fardh) In Islam 253

Six Pillars of Faith (Iman) 253

Five Pillars of Islam 253

Obligatory Acts of Minor Ritual Ablution (Al-Wudhu) 254

Obligatory Acts of Major Ritual Ablution (Al-Ghusl) 254

Obligatory Acts Tayammum 254

Obligatory Acts In Salah 254

  1. External 254
  2. Internal 255

Questions To A Muslim Child 259

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