İngilizce İlmihal Ciltli - A Concise FIQH (T27465)

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İngilizce İlmihal Ciltli - A Concise FIQH

Ürün Özellikleri :

  • A Concise FIQH - containing Essential Islamic Teachings - with an Illustrated Prayer Guide
  • Yayınevi : Fazilet Neşriyat
  • Kapak Kalitesi : Ciltli
  • Sayfa Kalitesi : Şamua Kağıt
  • Sayfa Sayısı : 224
  • Ebat : 14 X 20 cm
  • Ağırlık : 300 gr
  • Dil : İngilizce
  • Barkod : 9789944251006


Endless thanks and praise to Allah the Most High, Who has created mankind and the entire universe with divine wisdom and for a great purpose.
May blessings and peace be upon Muhammad, the means of compassion to the universe, the most distinguished intercessor and the most beloved Prophet of Allah the Lord, upon his family, upon his companions and upon ali those who have follovved and continue tofollow his holy path.
The content ofthis A Concise Fıqh pertains to a branch ofls- lamic knowledge that provides information about faith (iman) and worship (ibadah).
Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him (Sallallahu ‘alayhi wa-sallam)*, said that it is compulsory for every Müslim man and woman to acquire knovvledge. The knowledge (A Con¬cise Fıqh) in this manual gives essential information about faith (iman) and worship (ibadah) which will guide its adherent to hap- piness both in this world and in the Hereafter. One cannot be- come a complete and perfect Müslim without learning and believ- ing these essentials, known in Arabic as “Dharurah-al-Diniyyah” (Necessary Rules ofReligion).
A large number of majör and minör books of A Concise Fıqh have been written and we too have found it proper to compile this book with the aim of helping every Müslim child to easily learn and memorize the essential matters of the religion of İslam.
May Allah, the Most Supreme, be pleased with us for our en- deavor.
*Muslims have been requested by Allah in the Qur’an to recite this phrase after pro- nouncing the name of Prophet Muhammad. In this text,from this point fonvard, it will be abbreviated as (s.a.s.).Dear Reader,
İn this work are included some chapters (surahs), verses (ayahs) and supplications (duas) in Arabic along with their transcriptions in the Latin alphabet. This is done reluctantly in order to enable those who are unfamiliar with the Arabic alphabet to begin to read and to memorize the texts vvithout delay. Nevertheless, it is essentially impossible to accurately write them in the Latin alphabet tor correct recitation. There- fore, before memorizing them, our readers are strongly ad- vised to learn their correct pronunciation from a qualified teacher.
Readers must treat this book with the utmost respect and not place it at a low level or throvv it down since it includes some verses and chapters of the Holy Qur’an. We request you to alvvays keep this important point in mind.


Articles of Faith 7
Belief in Allah the Most High 8
Divine Attributes of the Being of Allah 8
Immutable Attributes of the Divine Essence of Allah 8
Belief in the Angels 10
Belief in His Books 11
Faith in the Prophets 12
Our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) 15
The Esteemed Noble Companions and Disciples
of the Prophet (s.a.s.) 21
Belief in the Day of Judgment 23
Belief in Divine Providence and Planned Incidents 24
Free Will (Al-lradah Al-Juz’iyyah) 24
Divine Providence (Al-Qadar), Incidents (Al-Qadhah),
Sustenance (Al-Rizq) 27
Sources of the Shariah (Adillat al-Shariah) 32
Schools of İslam (Al-Madhabs) 34
Essential Articles of İslam 37
The Statement of Testimony (Al-Kalimah al-Shahadah) 37
The Acts of Responsible People (Al-Afal Al-Mukallafin) 38
Prayer (Al-Salah) 40
Minör Ablution (Al-Wudhu) 41
How to Take Ablution (Wudhu) 43
Majör Ablution (Ghusl) 46
Ablution with Sand and Earth (Tayammum) 49
Situations Particular to Women 53
Cleansing from Impurity (Al-Taharah from Al-Najasah) 57
Covering of the Private Area (Satr Al-Awrah) 58
Facing in the Direction of the Holy Kaaba
(lstiqbal Al-Qiblah) : 59
The Time (Al-Waqt) 59
The Intention (Al-Niyyah) 60
Al-Adhan and Al-lqamah 61
Opening Takbir, Standing Posture and Reciting Qur’an 63
Some Surahs and Ayahs from ûur’an to be
Recited in Salah 65
Some Supplications (Al-Duas) Recited in Ritual
Prayers (Salah) 78
Holy Formulas of Blessing Our Prophet (s.a.s.) 80
Bovving, Prostration, Final Sitting 84
The Required Acts (Wajib) of the Ritual Prayer 85
The Sunnah Acts of the Ritual Prayer 86
Customary Conduct in a Ritual Prayer (Adab Al-Salah) 88
The Undesirable Acts in the Performance of a Ritual
Prayer (Makruhs Al-Salah) 89
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