İngilizce İlmihal Karton Kapak - For Basic Islamic Teachings (T27466)

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İngilizce İlmihal Karton Kapak - For Basic Islamic Teachings

Ürün Özellikleri :

  • A Concise FIQH - containing Essential Islamic Teachings - with an Illustrated Prayer Guide
  • Yayınevi : Fazilet Neşriyat
  • Kapak Kalitesi : Karton Kapak
  • Sayfa Kalitesi : İthal Kağıt
  • Sayfa Sayısı : 271
  • Ebat : 13.5 X 19.5 cm
  • Ağırlık : 250 gr
  • Dil : İngilizce
  • Barkod : 9786059953177


Endless Hamd, thanks and praise be to Allâh JUJ, Who "as created humankind and the entire universe with divine sdom and for a great purpose.
May blessings and peace be upon Muhammad H, the means of mercy to the universe, the most distinguished "tercessor and the greatest Prophet of Allâh ^JU;, upon "is family, upon his companions and upon ali those who ~ave follovved and continue to follovv his holy path.
Hm Al-Hâl pertains to a branch of Islamic knovvledge mat provides Information about îmân (faith) and ‘ibâdah .vorship), which every Müslim is obliged to acquire.
Prophet Muhammad M said: “İt is compulsory for every Müslim man and vvoman to acguire knowledge.” The compulsory knovvledge, vvhich the oride of the universe ü indicated in his blessed vvords is indeed the “llm Al-Hâl”. This knovvledge will enable the one sincerely acting upon it to happiness both in this vvorld and in the Hereafter. For this reason, it is compulsory and necessary for every Müslim male and female to learn the matters pertaining îmân (faith) and ‘ibâdah (worship). One cannot be a perfect Mümin (believer) without learning and believing in these essentials, knovvn as "Dharûrah Al- Dîniyyah” (Necessary Rules of Religion),
This book of Hm Al-Hâl is prepared based on the rules of the HANAFÎ MADHHAB, with the aim of helping every Müslim to easily learn and memorize the essential matters of Islâm.
May Allâh ju; be pleased with this humble work. Âmîn.

Important Note
Dear Reader,
İn this work are included some Sûrahs (chapters), Âyât (verses) and Duas (supplications) in Arabic along with their transliteration in the Latin alphabet. This is done reluctantly in order to enable those who are unfamiliar with the Arabic alphabet to begin to read and to memorize the texts immediately. Nevertheless, it is essentially impossible to vvrite them accurately in the Latin alphabet for correct recitation. Önce our readers learn their recitation on their own using transliteration, they are strongly advised to learn their correct pronunciation from a gualified teacher.


^eface 11
~ oortant Note 12
DSn (Religion) 15
Sharîah (Islâmic Religious Law) 15
Arkân Al-îmân (Articles of faith) 21
Belief in Allâh 22
S*ât Dhâtiyyah (The Personal Attributes of Allâh Jl*;) 23
S'fat Thubûtiyyah (The Immutable Attributes of Allâh ^U;) 24
3elief in the Angels 25
Tîıe Four Archangels 25
Belief in the Books 27
-,-Suhuf (The Pages) 27
-,-Kutub (The Books) 28
Belief in the Anbiyâ (Prophets) 29
-~e Oualities of the Prophets 30
Bur Prophet (İt) 33
We Must Knovv Our Prophet (M) VVell 37
Ashâb Al-Kirâm, Honourable Companions of Muhammad (#|) 40
The Two Groups of The Companions of the Prophet (ü) 41
Belief in Al-Yawm Al-Âkhir (the Day of Judgement) 43
Ajal, the Appointed Hour of Death 44
Belief in Qadar and Qadhâ (The Divine Decree and Will) 45
Irâdah Al-Juz’iyyah (Partial-Free VVilI) 45
Qadar (The Divine Decree) 48
Qadhâ (The Divine VVilI) 48
Rizq (sustenance) 49
Tavvakkul (Reliance on Allâh) 49
Requirements forthe Preservation of îmân (Faith) 51
The Protective Fortresses of îmân (Faith) 52
The Matters Ali Muslims Should Carefully Avoid 53
Adillah Al-Shar’iyyah (Sources of Sharî'ah) 55
Al-Madhâhib (Schools of Islâm) 56
The Righteous Madhâhib (Schools) in ‘Amâl (Deeds) 57
Arkân Al-lslâm (Essential Articles of Islâm) 61
Kalimah Al-Shahâdah 62
Af’âl Al-Mukallafin 63
Salâh (Prayer) 65
Purification from Hadath (The State of Uncleanliness) 66
VVudhû (Ablution) 67
The Fardh (Obligatory) Acts of VVudhû 67
The Sunnah Acts of VVudhû 67
The Makrûh (Disliked) Acts of VVudhû 68
The Acts VVhich Break VVudhû 69
How to Perform VVudhû 70
Sûrah A! -Qadr 73
Ghusl (Majör Ritual Ablution) 86
The Fardh (Obligatory) Acts of Ghusl 86
The Sunnah Acts of Ghusl 86
How to Perform Ghusl 86
Ghusl and Crovvned Teeth 87
The Matter of Tooth-filling 88
Tayammum 89
The Fardh (Obligatory) Acts of Tayammum 89
How to Perform Tayammum 89
Masah (VVİping) Över Khuffayn (Leather Socks) 98
The Permissibility of (Masah) VVİping 98
The Amount of (Masah) VVİping 98
Things That Void (Masah) VVİping 99
Duration of (Masah) VVİping 99
Masah (VVİping) över a Bandage 99
Situations Particular to VVomen. 100
Acts Forbidden During Menstruation and
Dostnatal Bleeding 103
Rjrification from Najâsah (impurities) 104
st njâ, Istingâ, Istibrâ 105
Satr Al-Avvrah (Covering of the Private Area) 106
Istiqbâl Al-Qiblah (Facing the Holy Ka’bah) 106
Al-Waqt (Time) 106
Al-Awqât Al-Makrûhah (Disliked Times of Salâh) 107
Al-Adhân and Al-lqâmah 108
Niyyah (Intention) 111
Arkân (Pillars) of Salâh 112
Takbîr Al-lftitâh (To begin Salâh by saying Allâhu Akbar) 112
Qiyâm (Standing) 112
ûirâ’ah (Recitation of the Qur’ân) 113
Some Sûrahs and Âyât Recited in Salâh 114
Some Du'as (Supplications) Recited in Salâh 128
Rükû’ (Bovving) 134
Sajdah (Prostration) 134
Qa’dah Al-Âkhirah (Final Sitting) 134
The VVâjib (Necessary) Acts of Salâh 135
The Sunnah Acts of Salâh 137
The Âdâb (Etiquettes) of Salâh 139
The Makrûh (Disliked) Acts of Salâh 140
The Acts that Nullify Salâh 144
How to Perform Salâh 145
lllustrations for Salâh 153
Five Daily Salâh 170
1-Salâh Al-Fajr 170
2-Salâh Al-Zuhr 170
3-Salâh Al-Asr 172
4-Salâh Al Maghrib 172
5-Salâh Al-lshâ 173
Salâh Al-Witr 174
Sajdah Al-Sahvv (Prostration of Forgetfulness) 175
Cases That Necessitate Sajdah Al-Sahvv 176
-ow to Perform Sajdah Al-Sahvv 176
Salâh Al-Jumu’ah (Friday Prayer) 177
The Seven Conditions for the Necessity of Salâh Al-Jumu’ah 177
The Six Conditions for the Validity of Salâh Al-Jumu’ah 178
Niyyah (Intention) of Salâh Al-Jumu’ah 178
Salâh Al-Eidayn (Festival Prayers) 180
Salâh Al-Qadhâ (Performance of Missed Prayers) 182
Some Navvâfil Salâh (Supererogatory prayers) 184
Salâh Al-Avvvvâbîn 184
Salâh Al-Dhuhâ 184
Salâh Al-Tahajjud 185
Salâh Al-Tasbîh 185
How to Perform Salâh Al-Tasbîh 186
The Janâzah (Funeral) Proceedings 188
Kafan (The Shroud) 189
How to Shroud a Dead Body 189
Salâh Al-Janâzah (The Funeral Prayer) 190
Plow to Pray Salâh Al-Janâzah 191
The Janazâh Dua That is Recited after the Third Takbîr 192
The Grave and the Burial 194
ûuestions in the Grave and Their Answers 196
Visiting the Graves 197
Safar (Journeying) 198
Sajdah Al-Tilâwah (The Verses Requiring Prostration) 202
The Âyât (Verses) of Sajdah (Prostration) in the Glorious Gur’ân 202
The Ibâdât (Worships) to Offer on the Holy Nights 203
Al-Sawm (Fasting) 210
The Fardh (Obligatory) Acts of Fasting 210
Types of Fasting , 211
Two Additional Classification of Fasting According to Intention 212
Actions That Break the Fast and Require Fasting Again as Qadhâ 212
Acts That Break the Fast and Require Fasting Again
as Qadhâ and Kaffârah (Expiation) 214
Makrûh (Disliked) Acts for the One Fasting 214
Acts Not Breaking the Fast 215
Salâh Al-Tarâvvîh 215
l’tikâf 216
Sadaqah Al-Fitr: Fitrah 217
Zakâh 218
Ushr (Zakâh of Crops) 219
Masârif Al-Zakâh (Eligible Zakâh recipients) 219
The Eligible Zakâh Recipients 220
Hajj (Pilgrimage) 221
Conditions of Hajj Being Fardh (Obligatory) 221
Essential Conditions for Performing Hajj 222
Conditions for the Validity of Hajj 222
Udhiyyah (Sacrifice/ûurbâni) 223
Time of Udhiyyah (Sacrifice) 223
~-e Procedure of Sacrifice and Its Intention 223
-qiqah 224
¦ -a: is a Sin and What are the Majör Sins? 225
Pernedy for Saving Oneself From the Sickness of Sin 226
-ooelessness is Incorrect 227
looditions That Make Tawbah (Repentance) Acceptable 228
~-e Great Supplication for Forgiveness 228
- -Nafs Al-Amrnârah 229
jhâd (Holy Struggle) 232
Duties of Muslims in Society 233
• '«cellaneous Duas (Supplications) 234
Seme Salawât Al Sharîfah 242
Z'^a of Ahzâb 246
Z’^a of Khatim Al-Qur’ân 248
2>ja after Meals 250
Thirty-two Fardh (Obligatory) Acts 252
cifty-four Fardh (Obligatory) Acts 255
Some Religious Ouestions to a Müslim Child 258

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